In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with singer-songwriter Jeffrey Steele.

We talk about how he fell in love with country music, all the musicians that influenced his style, and what he’s up to lately.

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Jeffrey Steele, is an American country music singer and songwriter. Along with recording his own material, Steele has become a prolific Nashville songwriter, having co-written more than 60 hit songs for such artists as Montgomery GentryTim McGrawFaith HillLeAnn RimesRascal FlattsBilly Ray Cyrus, and others.

Between 1990 and 1996, Steele was the lead singer and bass guitarist in the country music band Boy Howdy, which recorded two albums and an EP on Curb Records, in addition to charting seven singles on the Billboard country music charts. After Boy Howdy disbanded, Steele embarked on a solo career, recording seven studio albums (one of which was not released). He also charted four singles as a solo artist, with the highest-peaking (“Somethin’ in the Water”) reaching No. 33 on the country charts in 2001.







In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with Azie, the artist, designer and owner of the incredible Marrero’s Guest Mansion.

We talk about the properties history, hauntings, and all the properties they own.

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Marrero’s was originally a private home, built in 1890-1891 by Francisco Marrero, a prominent local cigar maker. He promised the house to his beloved, Enriquetta Marrero, as a forever home to raise their family together. Some say their legacy lives on in the form of a benevolently spirited energy passing through the halls of the old house.

Experience the grandeur of their stately Victorian home, thoughtfully updated and lovingly converted into a boutique hotel. The original architectural details of our historic estate remain intact while modern renovations throughout the house provide guests with the best of both old and new Key West hospitality. Our location in the heart of Old Town, just half a block from Duval Street, provides prime access to all of the restaurants, bars, and sights Key West is famous for.

Marrero’s offers twelve newly redesigned, resplendent guest rooms with hand-selected artwork and furnishings that create an approachable, curated aesthetic. Be our guest and unwind in paradise at Marrero’s Guest Mansion, a {verdigreen} hotel in sunny Key West.




In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with Tiki Man Radio head DJ and creator, Danny Lynn.

We talk about how the station started, how he grew his fanbase, and how he has moved into the local event business, bringing the kind of music he loves, to the places he loves.

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Tiki Man Radio “Your Coastal Americana Radio”

Tiki Man radio is your place to escape the crazy round ball we all inhabit that at times seems to be spinning out of control.

Take a break from the daily grind with some island time and Tiki Man Radio.

We are committed to growing what we call Coastal American Music which in its nature means escapism






In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with floral designer Natalie McIntyre. We talk about how she got started, her love for having flowers everywhere, and how she creates the perfect work-life balance.

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“I must have flowers always, and always.” Claude Monet.

Bespoke Floral Design was created with this famous quote in mind. Everyone should have fresh beautiful flowers always and always! Flowers aren’t just something you send; they tell a story on your behalf. We offer the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional arrangements, and located in the Heart of Old Town at the Historic Clinton Square Mall.

Bespoke Floral Design specializes in Weddings and Events of all sizes. We devote a discerning eye to every detail, making sure every event and arrangement is perfectly crafted and executed.

Our mission at Bespoke Floral Design is to operate with a constant enthusiasm for learning, being open to implementing new ideas, and maintaining a willingness to adapt to evolving trends and styles.




Bespoke Florida Design is the brainchild of Key West Native Natalie McIntyre and is a true culmination of her lifelong love affair with pretty things. McIntyre spent her childhood roaming the streets of Key West picking and plundering plumerias, gardenias, and any array of local foliage she could get her hands on (with permission of course). When she wasn’t busy hoarding blooms and making flower crowns, she could be found skimming the sea shore for sea glass and other treasures that she would later sell to visitors.

Bespoke Floral Design is the next chapter for the already accomplished florist and designer. The blonde and bougie beauty started at age 16 working at a floral shop in old town on Lazy Lane. It was there she cultivated and harnessed her never ending love for petals and blooms. She quickly discovered she had a knack and love for pruning and manipulating stems. McIntyre would eventually go on to help curate and plan hundreds of weddings for those in love as a premier wedding planner. Although she thrived as a planner, she could see there was niche missing in the floral market. She stayed close to her roots and found herself pawning to be back in the creative saddle. Within years, McIntyre would go on to open her own flower shop on Truman Avenue.There she operated as an in-house florist catering to an elite line up of clients. She created elaborate one-of-a kind floral bouquets for soon to be brides and delivered the freshest stems to deserving recipients. While operating and doing what she loved, McIntyre met her future husband. The two would eventually go on to get married and start a budding family of their own.

Today, the mother of three brings her love of all things luxurious and opulent to the very bouquets her fingers touch. Each arrangement is sculpted and trimmed to perfection courtesy of McIntyres eye for design and love for the craft. Her attention to detail is almost an obsession that guarantees the perfect arrangement.

As purveyor of fine things ,this luxury design connoisseur has created an aesthetically appealing and captivating space. Moss and ferns cover the walls while anthuriums sit pretty in the window begging for you to buy them. Located at the top of Clinton Square market in Old Town Key West, Bespoke Floral Design is a way to keep you getting and wanting more. Bespoke floral arrangements are created with your budget in mind while offering complimentary delivery in Key West.

Bespoke Floral Design houses a lush and tropical collection of foliage. Roses, Orchids, Calla Lilies, and birds of paradise line the freezer shelves waiting to be picked and pruned. The space showcases a variety of speciality and one of a kind items from fine jewelry to exclusive hand-pour candles that can only be found at Bespoke Floral Design. Completely custom and curated gift boxes and baskets are available for purchase at various price points.
You, more than anyone deserve beautiful things and of course all the flowers money can buy,

In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with Coley Faircloth to talk about his lifestyle brand with a mission to help the ocean reefs.

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Grateful Diver was created in 1995 when Grateful Dead co-founder and drummer Bill Kruetzmann, an avid diver, had the inspiration to design a Grateful Diver logo by placing the iconic Grateful Dead lightning bolt on a red dive flag. Kruetzmann then granted Coral Forest, a nonprofit coral reef conservation organization, the rights to use it for marine conservation fundraising initiatives. Bob Weir, Grateful Dead co-founder and rhythm guitarist was a member of the Coral Forest board of directors.

In 1998, Coral Forest merged with Reef Relief (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the coral reef ecosystem through education and outreach in the Florida Keys. Permission to use the Grateful Diver logo was then passed on to them. Over the years, Grateful Diver merchandise has been sold online and used in many events and fundraisers to generate revenue to assist in Reef Relief’s conservation efforts. The retail items that have proudly displayed the Grateful Diver flag have connected ocean lovers, dive enthusiasts and outdoorsmen from around the globe while raising thousands of dollars to help protect coral reefs, a vital part of our ecosystem.

In the fall of 2020, Grateful Diver began the process of transitioning into a community driven by conservation by expanding the apparel and gear selection to generate more revenue for Reef Relief and the many conservation initiatives that so desperately need it. Grateful Diver’s core mission is to preserve and protect our vulnerable environmental resources by bringing together determined, passionate, outdoor enthusiasts who share a deep value and appreciation for the natural world. With your help, Grateful Diver and Reef Relief can make giant strides to help educate individuals about the importance of environmental conservation and to help preserve the environment around us, now and for future generations. Be a Grateful Diver!




In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with Billy Kearins of Coast Projects. This is our second time sitting down for an interview, the first was about his iconic local brand found HERE.

In this interview, we talk about Billy’s music and arts festival know as the COAST is Clear, happening on December 4th. We talk about how he came up with the idea and how he is keeping Key West a boutique music town with big acts, without arena size seating.

ATTENTION!! How would you like to win 2 FREE tickets to this year’s festival! We are running a contest on our social media channels. All you need to do to enter is go to my Facebook or Instagram account and like the COAST IS CLEAR post (it will be the one with the snippet of this interviewing playing) and TAG 3 people in the comments



  1. Tag 3 people in the comment section
  2. We will pick a winner on Friday October 29th.

More on the COAST is Clear Music & Arts Festival

In a time of global unrest and uncertainty, it’s often best to take a step back to find respite in the simple pleasures of life.

A weekend in the sun surrounded by close compadres — or simply folks you’ve only just met because of a shared love of music and art — can, at the very least, provide a temporary feeling that things might just be okay when whatever it is that we’ve all collectively endured is finally behind us.

And, at its core, that’s what COAST Is Clear is really all about.

From the start, it has been a time and place to celebrate the end of a difficult stretch — for us, it’s that six-month period we in the tropics call Hurricane Season, that officially ends each year on December 1 — when, quite literally, the “coast is clear”.

We started this festival in 2017, just months after Hurricane Irma ravaged the Lower Keys. That year, a few musician friends of ours agreed to come down to lend a hand and lift spirits by doing what they do best. And since then, we’ve committed to bringing down top-notch, nationally-acclaimed bands, paired with local art to make COAST Is Clear an annual festival — one that has been enjoyed equally by our local friends and traveling fans alike.

This year, for the first time, we are so excited to announce that the festival will be a collaborative effort between one of Key West’s most beloved and enduring arts organizations, Key West Art & Historical Society (KWAHS) and the renegade creative forces at Coast Projects (COAST) — a pairing that offers both a timeless legacy and a raw and relevant edge with regards to the arts on the island.

So join us on the first weekend of December to dance and sing in the sun, to enjoy the fresh salt air and island breeze, and to celebrate the end of the old and the beginning of something new…



In today’s episode, Mark Baratto sits down with professional hairstylist and makeup artist, Julie Hill. We talk about how she got started and how she shifted all her products to eco friendly and organic while still keeping your look fabulous. I was hoping all of this hair talk would help with some hair growth on my bald dome, but needless to say, I’m still hairless 😎.

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I love making people feel beautiful. It has always been my goal to make my client look like they walked off the red carpet. My passion is to truly make you feel and look your best. I am here to make your wedding day and or special event as stress free as possible. Every person is individual in their likes, dislikes and vision. It’s up to me to learn these things and execute your perfect look. I am dedicated to you and your happiness on your special day.

I knew what I wanted to do at a very young age. Beauty is something that I admire and that I love to create. I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 28 years. In 2008 I opened my first on site hair and makeup business called Imagine Three in Ann Arbor, MI. The story of how I got to Key West goes as such. I fell in love, we went on vacation to Key West, planned our wedding in 2007 from afar, returned to Key West to be married. We knew as we returned again and again this is where we wanted to be and I then carried my dreams to Key West.

You can also find me in salon at Pier House Spa where I specialize in organic hair color, razor cutting and the perfect blow dry. If you or your guests need touch ups before the big wedding day or the perfect blow dry please contact the Pier House Spa.

*For all onsite services please contact me directly using the form at the bottom of this page.

In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down the creator of Key West MONOPOLY, Casey Arnold.

We talk about how a road trip during COVID gave him the inspiration to create Key West’s first ever MONOPOLY game.

From working with Hasbro to get the license agreement to creating all the unique spots on the board, to developing all of the pieces, Casey has been on a 12 month whirlwind adventure!

The launch of the game is October 14, 2021 (Casey’s birthday) so I recommend to preorder now since all 10,000 games are already starting to sell out!

More on Key West MONOPOLY


The iconic and global brand of Hasbro Gaming’s MONOPOLY is coming to Key West! The game you love to play has been fully customized to reflect the characteristics and features of beautiful and sunny Key West, Florida! This collector’s item is a one-of-a-kind civic pride piece with a limited quantity of games sold so DO NOT WAIT! The game has been fully designed and production is almost finished. When you pre-purchase the game you will save $10 as the price is will increase once the games arrive in October. All of your favorite places like Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe, Fury Water Adventures, Blue Heaven, Conch Republic Seafood Company and many other iconic Key West establishments are all a part of the game!

Your purchase directly benefits non-profit organizations Reef Relief, Florida Keys SPCA and also the Key West High School’s Fighting Conchs!