In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with artist Eric Anfinson. We spoke about how the first time he picked up a paintbrush he hated the result but fell in love with the process.

It was this love of “doing” that had him coming back for more, eventually creating a client base around the world.

I particularly LOVE this episode because it touches on how important the process is.  If all you care about is the outcome, you may be in for a life of sorrow, but when you love the process, you will have a life of true fulfillment. 

More on Eric Anfinson

Eric Anfinson’s painting journey began in the fall of 2001 after he moved to a 2×4 mile island where the Gulf of Mexico & the Atlantic meet. 

Anfinson is part of a well-established creative collective in Key West, Florida . . . an island known affectionately by locals as ‘the rock’.  The remote location & unique community continue to offer rich subject matter for Anfinson’s work. 

The people that call this island home, & those who pass through, live on in the faces & figures in Anfinson’s paintings.

A self-trained painter, Anfinson’s work is in collections throughout North America & Europe. 

Anfinson, a native of Minnesota, paints full-time from his home-based Mockingbird Studio in Key West, Florida. 

Art is everything & sometimes simply an essence.
It is the tool that I use & that uses me in return. 
It is my best & most critical friend.
But these words mean nothing by themselves…
the work – the active process – is what matters most

– Eric

Website: https://ericanfinson.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mockingbirdstudio


Mockingbird Studio  –  owner:  Key West, FL  /  2007 – present

Represented by Gingerbread Square Gallery

1207 Duval Street, Key West, FL

6 comments on “The Art of Resilience with Artist Eric Anfinson of Mockingbird Studios

  1. Steve King Dec 2, 2019

    That was great mark. I cycled by his studio a couple of days ago and was thinking how his life and talent make a remarkable story, so I was so happy to see this podcast with you guys talking about the history and process of how it all came together.

  2. KAY SCHERER Feb 11, 2020

    Mark, I have known Eric since I married and moved from Naples to Austin,MN. in 1991. My husband was Eric’s parents neighbor & best friend.
    Through the many chapters I have followed in Eric’s life, I am so proud & so happy to call him my special friend. I have felt a love for this young man that filled my life with new ventures whenever I visited Key West with his parents.
    My husband, Art, died in 2015. He shared so many stories about Eric as a young man, before & after his accident. The Anfinson family & my husband’s family before I married him, went through many challenges.
    Eric has made a wonderful life for himself! So happy Emma came back to Key West! They deserve the life they are sharing.
    I hope to visit “The Rock” in 2020!



  3. Andrea Piechotta Feb 13, 2020

    Hi from Munich, Germany
    What a surprise! Good to hear from Eric in this podcast. We met in Key West in 2004 and then again in 2008 and I am glad our passes crossed and I could get a glimpse of him creating art. And the thing about the process: Same here with writing songs. Not to say that being on stage recreating them does not feel good, but pouring into shape/lyrics what comes from…the source is the magic. 🙂 Thank you, love and all the best to both of you!
    Andrea from Munich, Germany

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