In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with Barefoot Billy’s owner and creator, Billy Mosblech. We talk about how Billy got started as a suntan lotion salesman in 1988, how he made his way into watersports, and how some tragic business events helped catapult his business to the next level… with a ton of hard work.

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In 1988, Barefoot Billy established himself as the best darn suntan lotion salesperson in Key West. But Billy felt there was something greater calling to him. In 1992, a Key West legend was born: the Barefoot Billy’s Island Jet Ski Tour. Some say Billy had a unique vision to be the first to offer an around-the-island jet ski experience…others say it was a tourist on a jet ski rental that just kept going and going.

Today, Barefoot Billy’s has grown to also offer our popular Catamaran Cruises, all kinds of Land and Beach rentals, and our expert island concierge services to connect you to all the best Key West has to offer. It turns out Billy was right, there’s more to a great Key West Vacation than just suntan lotion. And with our locations in Casa Marina, The Reach, Marriott Beachside, and Garrison Bight Marina you can find us virtually everywhere!


Phone: (305) 900-3088
Email: [email protected]

4 Convenient Locations

Casa Marina Resort, 720 Seminole Street Key West, Florida 33040
Reach Resort, 700 Waddell Avenue, Key West, Florida 33040
Marriott Beachside Resort, 3841 N Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West, Florida 33040
Garrison Bight Marina 719 Palm Ave, Key West, FL 33040

In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down for a round two talk with Scott Gerke. We talk about his video projects, what direction he is going and what drives him to keep going.

If you missed our round 1 interview, you can listen here:

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Fueled by curiosity since childhood, I have always wanted to explore the opportunities that life presented in front of me. It’s the connections I’ve made along the way that has helped shape who I am today.

I am a full-time DJ in Key West, Florida, and I made it a goal to create a life for myself that allows me the freedom to travel the world. Throughout my adventures, I always carried a camera and used it as a tool for a greater adventure. I knew I was onto something, but never made time to grasp it’s full potential.

It was at the beginning of the pandemic and after losing all of my work as a DJ, that I was then able to jump on an opportunity in filmmaking. Life as a DJ is back, but my video series has taken on a whole new life of its own and I am so grateful for all the new experiences it has presented me with.





In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with rapper Mike Stack.

We talk about when he began singing, why he took a pause from rapping, and how he is laying down the foundation in his own backyard of Key West.

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You can find all the links to Mike’s music here:

In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with Wicked Lick creator, John Smotryski.

We talk about how he and his wife Amanda Velazquez made their way down to Key West and got into the ice cream business.

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In 2018, John Smotryski and Amanda Velazquez packed up their lives on mainland Florida and set out for new beginnings in Key West, a tropical island in the Straits of Florida. Betting on himself and his ability to start a business, John cashed in his retirement savings in the pursuit of a new career. The couple started Wicked Lick with the intention of not only starting a new, exciting chapter in a tropical paradise, but also bringing the very best tasting ice cream to the community. John and Amanda set out to make it even more thrilling by using liquid nitrogen to freeze the cream.


Address: 335 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040